The App.

SailMaker World – The App is the result of 4 years of experience in the online sails retail business and the desire to simplify trade and technical exchanges between sailmakers and sail boat owners worldwide.


Established in Thailand, close to the biggest sail manufacturing facilities in the world, we quickly became the preferred point of contact for sailboats owners wishing to buy new sails at the best prices.

Exchange simplified.

Over the years and with the essential need to deliver sails that are perfectly fitted to our customer’s boats, we have developed a unique measurement tool that is accessible to everybody, everywhere.

This tool improves and reduces the information exchanged between the manufacturer and the boat owner.

No more complicated manuscrit forms or incessant emails, just use the app and the photos feature on the interactive form on any device!

No brand affiliation.

We position ourselves outside the marketing grip of manufacturers so we can offer the best sails at the best prices no matter where the boat or his owner is located.

Delivery Worldwide.

We deliver sails all over the world, including remote areas where the process of ordering new sails can be challenging, such as:

French Polynesia, Mauritius, Reunion, Guadalupe, Tahiti, Caribbean

No dimensions errors.

To this date, 100% of the sails made with our SailMaker World App have been delivered with correct dimensions.

Wisely chosen sailmaker.

Experience showed us that not all sail makers were equally good in manufacturing different sails for certain purposes. This is the reason why we offer sails from different brands.

However, we chose to collaborate only with those sail makers who we were highly satisfied with and who engage in manufacturing quality products.

Sail manufacturer warranty & payment.

The secure payment and the warranty of the sails are made directly with the chosen sail manufacturer.