Because each boat is unique, we check every quote request and all measurements to avoid errors.

Measuring your old sails is not recommended

Stretching & expansion of your old sails are unknown factors that would falsify the measurements of your new sails.

Not all the boats are the same, even the series production boats have differences in rigging measurements.

This is why it is essential and strongly recommended by all sail manufacturers to newly measure your rigging before manufacturing new sails.

Taking all specifications of your rig into account.

Our forms guide you step by step when taking the measurements.

You don’t need to call a professional!

Shipping can be challenging.

We advice to use your previous batten & hardware if they are not worn out to reduce the shipping cost.

Import tax will be paid by the customer, but we can give you advice how to reduce these taxes significantly

To this date, 100% of the sails made with us have been delivered without measurement errors.