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Sails choice

Choose which new sails you need !


Choose which fittings you want !

Do it yourself.

SailMaker World – The App is a unique measurement system that allows you to take measurements yourself, easily and error-free. This solution is available to all Smartphone or Tablet users. (Android or iOS).

Free App Download

Download SailMaker World – The App free of charge after confirming your quote and you will be ready to take the measurements of your rigging that will be necessary to design and manufacture your sail.

Choice of sails.

SailMaker World – The App will allow you to take measurements for the following sails:

  • Mainsail
  • Standard Genoa
  • Genoa on Furler
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnaker
  • Gennaker

Taking all specifications of your rig into account.

Because even series production boats have differences in rigging measurements.

Measuring your old sails is definitely not recommended.

This is why we have the app: all sail manufacturers agree that it is essential and strongly recommend to newly measure your rigging before manufacturing a new sail.

Our forms guide you step by step when taking the measurements.

You don’t need to be a professional!

24-hour chat and voice assistance available.

With our apps you can customize your new sails down to the smallest details.

(Including: type of cut, type of fittings, sail number, tell tails, etc…)

Pictures of details

By integrating photos during the measurement process you will have a visual example of the procedure to follow.

The integration of your pictures allows us to visualize the details of your boat, to interpret your measurements and to detect and correct errors.

Far away but without errors

When ordering from the other side of the world, you will want to ensure to receive sails without measurement errors – this is why we provide our innovative measurement system.

To this date, 100% of the sails were delivered with correct measurements.

Perfectly fitted sails

The App provides maximum certainty to receive sails that will fit your boat and sailing program perfectly.